The Deconstructed Brief

A Playlist for Anything

A Playlist for Anything

Brand: Spotify 

Agency: Widen+Kennedy


  • Remind users and prospects about customization features


Spotify users create playlists for literally everything. 

One Thought:

A playlist for anything.

Lessons to be learned:

  • User data — This is the second campaign that Spotify has used real user data to fuel, which can be a grey area for consumers who are sensitive to how brands use personal data. But this approach doesn’t position Spotify as an anonymous Big Brother; instead, Spotify shows that there are real humans behind the algorithms, and those real humans think your playlist titles are really funny.  
  • Product focus — This campaign would win Best in Show in the “product attributes” category. Ultimately it’s a reminder to current and prospective Spotify users of the vast degree of customization of their Spotify experience. But the out-of-home and digital spots don’t say “customization” once. 
  • Out-of-home — Even while digital and social reign supreme, Spotify is advertising out-of-home. Why? Because the brand is tapping into a micro-moment. Being stuck in traffic on the 405 sucks a lot less when you’re blasting Hip Hop BBQ, so why not switch from FM to Aux and listen to your favorite Spotify playlist while you wait? 

What Adweek said:

“Putting users at the center of the ads, and celebrating their peculiarities — which really just shows how they make the service their own — is a great choice by Spotify. This feels like a campaign that has great potential to keep evolving.”