The Deconstructed Brief




Reverse engineering. Deconstructed learning. Back engineering. Whatever you call it, it's all about learning. Engineers break engines apart machines to discover how they work, and little kids break apart Snickers to find out what makes them taste so good. 

We take that same approach to advertising.

When we see an ad we admire, one that strikes an emotional cord or makes us balk at the wit, we break it down and take a look at what we can learn. What was the challenge? What was the insight? What was the solution? 

We call them deconstructed briefs. They began as a weekly team email between the account planners at our family of agencies: Pavone, quench, Varsity, Leap Research & Innovation and WildFig. Then they became an all-agency email, and we thought they'd be a fun tool for other ad nerds, so now they're available here in the Ether and updated weekly.

Learn by doing. Learn by undoing.