The Deconstructed Brief

AR Bottles

AR Bottles

Brand: Treasury Wine Estates

Agency: tactic and J. Walter Thompson SF


The table wine category is a massive market filled with hundreds of brands vying for consumers’ attention. 19 Crimes needed to find a way to stand out to a shifting consumer demographic: Millennials now drink more wine than any other generation. These consumers see themselves as wine beginners and novices (60%) and seek guidance navigating the segment and direction when selecting a product.

Four years ago, 19 Crimes developed the character-based labels to entice these uncertain individuals to purchase their wine. As consumer interest in the brand grew, 19 Crimes wanted a way to capitalize on that interest and target the Millennial demographic.

One Thought:

Let’s have the convicts tell their stories.


19 Crimes needed to find a way to revitalize their product and stand out from the crowd for this new group of wine drinkers. Less than a fifth (20%) of Millennials feel any loyalty toward wine, which presented 19 Crimes with an opportunity to capitalize on their confusion. By merging storytelling with augmented reality, they created a crime story in a bottle—and ultimately, an experience. This experience is designed to be shared with others, and brings additional value to the traditional drinking occasion.


tactic incorporated new technology and harnessed consumer curiosity to reimagine the traditional consumer-product interaction. This strategy generated an impressive roll of stats following the app’s July 2017 launch:

•    34,000 app downloads
•    34,083 users
•    133,043 sessions
•    458,794 screen views
•    3:39 average session duration
•    128,000,000 projected total impressions by the end of the campaign
•    2,190,000 searches for where to purchase 19 Crimes

What they told Beverage Media Group:

“We are excited to be able to launch the first-ever talking wine label,” explained Tim Irwin, 19 Crimes ambassador. “The brand really started from authentic stories, and that’s what people really loved. The shopping experience is really changing, and this is a fun way to break through…targeting a younger demographic that is engaging with the world through its phones.”



Lessons to be learned:


  • Know your roots –– To launch a successful campaign, the brand went back to its literal and figurative roots. Its literal roots shaped the brand’s identity, while its figurative roots shaped its direction. Tactic examined and learned from the behaviors of core consumers in order to understand how to evolve and proceed. It started with the corks, whose stamped crimes preceded the character labels and served as the main point of engagement. The brand capitalized on this organic momentum to understand how to hijack these interests with a cultivated message.
  • Create a question –– 19 Crimes used its understanding of its core consumer base to develop a sense of curiosity. The character-based labels predated the application, leaving consumers wondering about and interested in the faces on the bottle.
  • Understand your application –– Companies are abuzz about augmented reality (AR) — who’s using it, what they’re doing and how we can do it better — however, keeping up with the Joneses isn’t always the way to go. Just ask General Mills. Many consumers remain skeptical of gimmick-based campaigns and need to be shown that advertisers’ AR usage is more than just a slapdash application of the ‘next big thing.’ Tactic used augmented reality as a vehicle for its brands to tell their stories and build consumer excitement around this first-to-market technology. It created a question to draw consumer interest and used AR to answer that fundamental question. In essence: Tactic established a goal and stuck to it.
  • Cohesion is key –– 19 Crimes presents a seamless connection between brand and product to create an immersive experience for consumers. It has dotted its i’s, crossed its t’s and made sure that every detail has been attended to: Everything is branded. Every aspect of its product and website embodies the brand it represents — down to the cork, which is stamped with one of the 19 crimes punishable by transportation. The website follows this without exception, using product descriptions like these to impart the authenticity that consumers crave:
    • RED BLEND — Our red blend bears the same traits as those banished to Australia. Defiant by nature, bold in character, always uncompromising — it's a taste you'll never forget.
    • CABERNET SAUVIGNON — Wonderfully paired with a midnight escape. Ingeniously smooth, infamously subtle. Add it to your next night out, and you'll have the perfect partner in crime.