The Deconstructed Brief

Gone Girl


Brand: Justice and Care

Agency: Facebook Creative Shop


A girl goes missing in India every eight minutes. Justice and Care has rescued over 4,500 girls, but the organization is up against a $150 billion industry that claimed 21 million victims last year.


Statistics don’t move people to action. Facebook showed the dramatized journey of a trafficking a victim in real time. She pleaded for help in harrowing footage that looked like it was shot on a phone. At the end of 24 hours, the girl and her story disappeared - experts believe the first 24 hours are critical before leads go cold, and girls disappear into the trafficking networks.

One Thought:

Don’t let her disappear.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Use the platform — The campaign created drama by taking advantage of the ephemeral nature of Instagram stories. Both the story and the girl disappeared after 24 hours. The dark, serious story provided a sharp contrast to typical, upbeat social media content.
  • Support your supporters People who engaged with the “Gone Girl” story or raised funds for Justice and Care were retargeted with digital ads that delivered a positive message about the difference they were making. 

What Facebook Said:

“Statistics, however staggering, don’t move people. Human stories do.”

The Results

+17 million impressions in two weeks and a 93.75% increase in volunteers.