The Deconstructed Brief

Hooking Up Grandma’s House

Hooking Up Grandma’s House

Brand: Xfinity

Agency: 72andSunny


  • Create a holiday ad that stands out 

  • Continue to reposition Xfinity as a customer-centric brand

Lessons to be learned:

  • Insight - Insight is always key, but in this particular ad, the brand and agency took the insight literally. The kids hate going to grandma's because there's no wifi. We can fix that.
  • Reality - Instead of scripting a transformative experience and hiring actors, this ad uses real customers and shares their experiences and reactions to create a spot that is authentic albeit relatable
  • Pop Culture - Jimmy Kimmel has made reading nasty tweets a pop culture phenomenon, hosting the likes of President Barack Obama and myriad of celebrities. Xfinity cashes into the popular late night segment in a believable way that doesn’t feel overdone. 
  • Timing - Using pop culture references is often tricky. Timing is key, and brands can either be too late or too early with their take on viral trends. Lots of brands have already presented their take on mean tweets, but Xfinity uses the holiday season as a one-time-only pass to ignore the rules of timing, without too-late-to-the-party criticism.  


We discovered a bunch of tweets from grandkids lamenting the technological black hole that is Grandma's house during the holidays," Bryan Rowles, executive creative director at 72andSunny New York. “We immediately related to that plight. It's such a universal experience. So we set out to prove that Xfinity could be a catalyst for bringing families together, and can make Grandma's house the most awesome place to be."

One Thought:

Ending digital dead-zones at a loved ones home near and dear to you.

What they told AdWeek:

"There was no script per se, more of an 'evening during the holidays' we wanted to capture with a real family," Rowles explains. "So yes, the interactions were real. We gave them Xfinity and let them play with it. We also put an emphasis on Paige and her grandma, and looked for opportunities where Xfinity could help bring them closer."