The Deconstructed Brief

One half traditional. Two halves unconventional.

One half traditional. Two halves unconventional. 

Brand: Sauder's Eggs

Agency: quench


  • Sauder’s Eggs is a family-owned egg producer and distributor that operates in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. 
  • Its business has historically favored private label over branded products, but it would like to see that balance flip and get credit for its product innovations in what is one of the most heavily commoditized categories in food.
  • Sauder’s Eggs challenged quench to refresh its brand and give it a visual identity that felt unique and premium and that captured the essence of the organization. 


  • An egg isn’t an egg. 
  • Sauder’s Eggs aren’t just eggs.
    • They are produced differently, with a traditional backyard-farm model in which Sauder’s sources its eggs from small family farms.
    • Their hens are fed differently, given the filet mignon of feed that impacts taste and nutrition.  
    • They taste different, because the hens are fed better, and are offered in hard-cooked, peeled and ready-to-eat flavors like Buffalo and Red Beet. 
    • Their nutritional content is different, with more omega-3s and lutein than your average egg. 
    • Sauder’s acts differently, conducting industry-leading salmonella research that shaped the national egg quality program and may have saved the fresh shell egg.


One Thought:

Traditionally Unconventional

[traditional model + an unconventional attitude = unconventional eggs]

buffalo eggs.png

Lessons to be learned:

  • Brand from the inside out (start on their farms) — Get to know the company from the inside out, speaking with members of leadership, sales, marketing, operations and, in this case, farmers, flock management and feed developers. You’ll learn the personality of the organization and learn more than you ever will from their website and collateral alone. 
  • Talk with consumers (in their homes) — Sure, you can read general industry reports, but you’ll never know what aspects of the company, its purpose, its people, its process or its products are most interesting, relevant and motivating. With Sauder’s, we conducted in-home interviews, complete with blind taste-testing to demonstrate the Sauder’s difference.
  • Zig when others zag (don’t be cliché) — Most categories are filled with category-specific clichés. You can either embrace them and blend in or ignore them and stand out. With Sauder’s, the package design needed to do the heavy lifting to win consumers’ attention. The request was for “clean, simple and premium,” but all smaller egg producers had the same brief. We thought that “traditionally unconventional company” would romance the hell out of the brand’s product because it loves what it does so much.