The Deconstructed Brief



Brand: Sea Shepard

Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai


  • Educate children on the impact of sea pollution.


Thousands of marine animals die every year from ingesting plastics. Sea Shepherd created a series of stuffed sea animals with stomachs full of trash to demonstrate the impact of pollution. Why stuffed animals?  Learning through toys improves memory retention in young children by up to 77 percent, according to Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO).

One Thought:

To save our seas, start small.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Don’t fear going dark. Pollutoys grab your attention by combining whimsical children’s toys with the disturbing impact of pollution. This tension may be lost on young children, but it makes a compelling case to adults. (The website wisely includes a link to donate.)
  • Know your audience. The Pollutoys are already making an impact on kids in Europe and China. “The simple fact of opening an animal belly and discovering all the trash — children were surprised first, but they kept talking about it for weeks,” said Emily Perier, a teacher for Orange Panda in Shanghai.
[Pollutoys] teach kids to protect the environment and develop an ecologic consciousness. It might be a drop in the ocean, but it’s the ripples that matter.