The Deconstructed Brief

President of Playlists

President of Playlists

Brand: Spotify

Agency: In-house


  • Strengthen position as the premier streaming service for music lovers with good taste
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Hijack pop culture


  • Barack Obama will soon be unemployed.
  • Obama has music credentials that align with Spotify offerings.
  • He has a high approval rate with Spotify's core listeners.


One Thought:

President Obama will soon be unemployed. Let's give him a job.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Stay true to your brand - Spotify is a smart, fun service, and this ad reflects that brand personality. It's a playful puzzle that makes people feel smart to be in on the overall joke.
  • Surprise - You don't expect humor in an employment ad. The joke works because the ad feels somewhat authentic. It looks like a typical online employment ad. It uses the language of these types of ads, with a presidential twist. ("As an organization, we are full of hope and always open to change.")
  • Timing - The American public tends to view presidents fondly in the last few weeks of their tenure. The need for rose-colored glasses may be especially true this year for Democrats who feel stung by the presidential election. It also takes advantage of the ongoing speculation on what President Obama will do next.
  • Aspirational - The ad works as a description of the ultimate Spotify user: world-class, friends with artists, a seeker of new music, and the leader of the free world for the last eight years.