The Deconstructed Brief

Rule Yourself

Rule Yourself

Brand: Under Armour

Agency: Droga5


  • Create an authentic, aspirational connection/experience
  • Own the Olympics
  • Strike an emotional cord among Millennial males 

One Thought:

Make every move count

Lessons to be learned:

  • Sometimes, it's not all about the brand; creating an authentic relationship/experience for the consumer evokes a stronger tie to the brand than preaching products and benefits.
  • Break through the clutter. During the 16 days of the Olympics, consumers are bombarded with: "This ad is brought to you by this brand supporting this athlete.” Be different. Be inspiring. But be authentic and real. 
  • A good ad tells a story. Visuals, music imagery — all working together to tell an awe-inspiring story.
  • Speaking of stories — be relevant. Hijack what's going on right now, and make a strong tie between yourself and that event in a way that makes sense with your brand.
  • Ask yourself, “Would I stop and look at this in my News Feed? Is it disruptive? Does it inspire? Does it amaze people?” 


"If Michael Phelps works that hard every day for one moment in the light, I can do the same."

What they told AdWeek:

"I think people connect with this film because it paints hard work and sacrifice with beautiful strokes, but it does so in a way that is raw and real about what it takes to win. I would like to think that this film and the stirring lyrics, 'It's the last goodbye,' are playing in the back of people's minds when they see him smiling on the podiumWe probably won't ever see another athlete like Michael Phelps for a very long time," Roman said.