The Deconstructed Brief



Campaign: “SafeCap”
Brand: Ford Motors
Agency: GTB


Large trucks and buses were involved in 4,311 fatal crashes in 2015. Roughly one-third of those crashes were caused by drivers falling asleep behind the wheel, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Fatal crash rates more than double during nighttime hours.

What can a big automotive manufacturer like Ford do to help keep drivers safe?

One Thought:

Live to sleep another day.


Create something drivers can’t ignore. Creative agency GTB worked with Ford to create the SafeCap, which uses vibrations, sound and light to help keep drivers awake. The SafeCap is equipped with sensors and a gyroscope that recognizes when specific neck muscles are relaxing and wakes up the driver when sleep is imminent.

The SafeCap was introduced as part of Ford’s celebration of 60 years of producing trucks in Brazil. The launch generated news articles and social media buzz across the globe. The SafeCap is still being tested, but Ford hopes to make it available for sale in 2018. A GTB spokesperson told Fortune that the company has already received thousands of requests asking how and where the product can be purchased.

What they told AdAge:

“The SafeCap is a feat of tech, design and utility, and we believe it has great potential to protect drivers and save lives around the world in the very near future,” said Icaro de Abreu, head of digital and innovation at GTB.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Follow the mission — Ford is transforming into a technology company. Its new mission statement: “To become the world’s most trusted mobility company by designing smart vehicles for a smart world.” The SafeCap is just one example of innovative new products coming out of Ford. In April, the company announced that it had created a smart crib that replicates car rides to help babies sleep. These types of products help change the perception of Ford in the minds of consumers and investors.
  • Build trust — According to Mintel research, consumers are increasingly more likely to align with companies whose actions, beliefs and morals match up with their own. With the SafeCap, Ford is indicating a sincere interest in the safety of drivers and that it is willing to take steps to make a difference. The brand is showing, not telling.
  • Show your work — The SafeCap technology was developed by mapping drivers’ movements. The sensors are able to tell the difference between nodding off and checking mirrors. Company-produced videos show how the sensors work on a technical level and provide an example of a consumer testing the cap for the first time. The combination of facts and authenticity is persuasive