The Deconstructed Brief

See You on the Road


Brand: Super 8

Agency: Terri & Sandy


Raise the profile of Super 8 after a $100 million investment in upgrades and enhancements


Everyone remembers that moment on the trip when things go wrong. The campaign taps into this shared experience and shows how Super 8 can offer relief at the end of a long day on the road.

One Thought:

The one thing you can guarantee will go right on your road trip

Lessons to be learned:

  • Get real ― Would most brands be brave enough to show a toddler peeing by the side of the road?  This is a real moment. If you’re a parent, it shows that the brand understands you and your experiences. Showcasing these types of authentic moments are a smart way to avoid category clichés. They help overcome skepticism of claims made by brands, which continues to grow ― especially among young consumers.
  • Follow the behavior  The campaign was inspired by the moments people were already sharing on social media with #RoadTripFails and #RoadTripNightmares. This campaign jumps on the bandwagon instead of trying to force a new behavior.
  • Fifteen seconds is enough ― These spots get a lot done in 15 seconds. There are memorable, real-life moments. There’s comedy. There are new hotel upgrades. And it’s all wrapped into a narrative.

What they told MediaPost:

“It was born from the truth that some of the funniest and most memorable moments on the road are the blunders,” said Terri Meyer, co-founder and CEO of Terri & Sandy. “We wanted our consumers to know that ‘We get it!’ and that Super 8 is the perfect refuge for those seeking a haven from the highway."