The Deconstructed Brief

Start with Good

Start with Good

Brand: Cheerios

Agency: 72andSunny

Campaign: Good Goes Round


  • Reinforce the relevance of Cheerios with consumers — especially Millennials — as the cereal category experiences year-over-year decline

  • Retain the position of leader in the cereal category


When you start with something good, that’s exactly what you get back — good.

One Thought:

Start with good.


In late 2016, and in the wake of year-over-year category decline, General Mills awarded the creative responsibility for Cheerios to a new agency in the hopes of reigniting interest in the legacy brand. 

Previous work focused on quiet family moments, but quiet family moments weren’t enough to persuade Americans to continue waking up to a bowl of Cheerios, so the brand took a bold, new direction.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Legacy-forward — Cheerios is a legacy brand that needs no introduction, and like any legacy brand, it runs the risk of losing the ability to craft its own narrative. Its new creative approach is legacy-forward, instead of legacy-leaning. The brand uses its legacy as a platform instead of a crutch to tell a story about its future and how that will fit into the lives of consumers for generations to come. Where its previous creative leaned on nostalgia, the new creative leans on optimism for the future.

  • User-generated content The whirlwind spot uses user-generated content to tell the brand’s story, which serves to underscore its authenticity and build trust. A brand’s biggest advocates are its fans — the regular people that can vouch for it — so Cheerios put those people front and center.

  • Real inclusion — Cheerios and 72andSunny are more than merely mindful of their audience. Cheerios are eaten by everyone, and the spot highlights the diversity of those people — from people of color and same-sex couples to families that embody the new definition of family. The spot succeeds in reaching out to diverse communities by placing diversity at the center of the campaign’s self-described anthem. It isn’t an accident that the moments that build empathy in the spot feature predominantly children of color. Instead of using diversity as a targeting mechanism, Cheerios shares a message of diversity and inclusion with their entire audience.