The Deconstructed Brief

Tequila Rain

Tequila Rain

Brand: The Mexico Tourism Board

Agency: Lapiz USA


  • Get Germans to plan a Mexican getaway during Germany’s rainy season


Ben Franklin said, “Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.”

More marketers are embracing this philosophy and understand that brand experiences are greater than traditional ads. In many ways, traditional ads should be used as a means to promote or show off the brand experience.

In this case, we imagine that the client and strategy team encouraged the creative team to actually let Germans experience a taste of a Mexican getaway during Germany’s rainy season. This taste need not be literal (it just happened to turn out that way) but could include authentic Mexican cuisine, Mayan ruins, hot sunny beaches or tequila flights. 

The creatives probably had the following epiphany:

  • It’s raining in Germany. 
  • It’s not raining in Mexico, but one might say it’s raining tequila there. 
  • OMG! What if we made it rain tequila in Germany?
  • Let’s get our technologists and talk with scientists about how to make that happen. 


One Thought:

Give Germany a taste of a Mexican getaway.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Experiences > ads. Don’t get us wrong; there are still some great ads out there, but experiences are the new ads as consumers get increasingly inundated with advertising messages. It’s imperative to wow consumers, getting them to experience, knowingly or not, the benefits of the product/service firsthand or vicariously through others. 
  • Look for an enemy. Think about your favorite movie or novel. Chances are, there’s an enemy. The enemy can be a person, nature, idea or something supernatural. An enemy evokes strong reactions. An enemy forces everyone to take a side. Be the good side. Make the good side clear and find a common, relatable enemy. In this case? Rainy season is the enemy, and a Mexican getaway is the hero. 
  • Don’t do all the selling. If you do something worth talking about, the press, consumers and prospects will share and sell for you. Case in point — someone actually created a cloud that makes it rain tequila.