The Deconstructed Brief

The Impossible is Possible

The Impossible is Possible

Brand: Budweiser

Agency: VaynerMedia


  • Stand out among all the brands scrambling to capitalize on a historic victory.
  • Create a spot that doesn’t make fans feel like they’re being marketed to.


"If the Cubs win, how can we celebrate with fans in the most genuine, authentic way possible? For us this wasn't so much about selling more beer, but about giving fans a story with which to memorialize the historic moment."


One Thought:

Celebrate the unbelievable.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Plan for the unplanned - Budweiser and VaynerMedia didn’t know what the outcome of the game would be — nor could they start planning the spot months or even weeks in advance. Meeting just days before the final game, the Budweiser team met with its agency partner to plan for dual outcomes and left the rest up to chance, dispatching teams to film Cubs and Indians supporters. Sometimes you have to build the plane while you’re landing it.
  • Research - The spot is woven together with audio clips from years of announcing from the beloved sportscaster, Harry Caray. This deep research and attention to detail are what make the ad transcend memorable and become magical.
  • Digital first - Budweiser chose YouTube as the platform on which to tell its World Series story, because the platform fit the narrative. YouTube enabled Budweiser to tell the Cubs’ story in the long-form format fans and non-fans alike would enjoy.
  • Real-time media - Budweiser and VaynerMedia released several versions of the spot in the 48 hours following the game and monitored the performance of each video to determine which version was most successful. By identifying the best-performing video, they could adjust their ad dollars to support the most compelling one. 

What they told Google:

"We knew we had something powerful on our hands," said Ricardo Marques, VP of brand at Budweiser. "If the Cubs were to win, every sports fan around the world would remember the day. But whether the Cubs won or not, the moment would be historic and we wanted to create something unforgettable around it."