The Deconstructed Brief

The Wolf

The Wolf

Brand: Hewlett-Packard

Agency: Giant Spoon and gyro


  • Raise awareness of a new HP security program designed to protect business printers 


“The Wolf” is a series of digital videos that will run throughout 2017. Hewlett- Packard hopes that the episodic format will help them break through the clutter.

One Thought:

Nothing is safe if your printer isn’t secure.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Marketing can be used as entertainment. Many brands are now using episodic, digital storytelling to engage potential customers. Many of these videos — including “The Wolf” — have slick production values, action sequences and humor.
  • Use the right celebrity. The use of Christian Slater is specifically intended to target IT decision-makers who are fans of the hacker show, “Mr. Robot.” His Hollywood pedigree also ups the prestige of the videos.
  • Fear works. The heart of the first episode of “The Wolf” raises the possibility of hackers stealing information through the company printer. The loss of personal information is an almost universal fear.

What they told Ad Age:

“As our customers reinvent their businesses for the 21st century, it is imperative that we reinvent how we talk with them about security,” said Antonio Lucio, global chief marketing & communications officer at Hewlett-Packard.